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Discover What Highland Gardens Has To Offer
Reception Center

The Utah wedding Reception Center at Highland Gardens offers elegance, style, and value. Located in a double atrium, you will find over 10,000 sq. feet of live tropical gardens, running water features, glass ceilings, and beautiful lighting. Both large garden rooms are yours for the entire day. Stay, celebrate, and enjoy the finest Utah wedding reception center of Highland Gardens!

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Thank You Wedding Gift Ideas For Mom and Dad

Unquestionably one of the most sacred and illustrious milestones of their lifetime, a couple’s wedding represents the dawn of dreams yet to be realized; two souls, each with something unique to devote to the union. This day also marks a rare and special opportunity for expressing gratitude to parents of both bride and groom. They have likely bestowed a lifetime of lessons in love, respect and commitment. While nearly impossible to find an item or words that can adequately express appreciation for such a legacy, there are gestures that might come close.

The most essential wedding gift is consideration. Stealing moments with either bride or grooms parents; hugs, smiles, warm verbal exchanges and snapping informal photos shows them that this day is collectively special for your family and that they will forever remain an integral part of the union. This is a mental and emotional wedding gift, costs nothing and is perhaps the most critical. Remember, even on such a joyous occasion, for parents, it often embodies the process of letting go.

A strong loving sentiment can be conveyed by choosing a wedding gift symbolically connected to your nuptials. If it is within budget, what better way to thank Mom and Dad for being part of your special day than by giving them one of their own? A gift certificate for a weekend away, perhaps in celebration of their anniversary. Alternatively, a romance package with wine, candles, chocolate, fruit and a CD from one of their favorite musicians would do nicely as well. Include a heartfelt letter to each parent, expressing their individual significance to your enjoined lives. Another great wedding gift is to create a memory book for each set of parents. Include pictures with narratives that document memorable days. Lovingly detail what made the day special and how it may have helped shape your character, values and life interpretation.

Hold close at heart that experiences and gifts of self are always the most valued treasures for parents.


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Wedding ceremony Tips

As you plan for your wedding, you want everything to be just right. You expect this to happen once in a lifetime and it has to be unforgettable. As you prepare to unite with your beloved, creating a bond that’s meant to last forever, take some simple tips to make your wedding ceremony run smoothly.

1. Choose the Location that Works for You
When it comes to the place where you will say your vows, pick the location that speaks to you. This is not the time to try and please everyone in the family. While your parents and siblings may have gone with a traditional church, you may be interested in your partner’s church or a new venue entirely. You’re setting the stage for your special day. You get to decide.

2. Make it Inviting
Make everyone feel at ease on the day of your wedding ceremony. Simple amenities, like tissues, mints, and small bottles of water can be at the ready as your guests arrive. Be sure to have accommodations for anyone with special needs, such as individuals in a wheelchair. Everyone should be comfortable as they join you on this special day.

3. Think of Ways to Involve Others
Find ways for special people in your lives to play a role in the wedding. Your attendants or other close family and friends could do readings, sing or play music. Choose someone near to your heart to video tape. Ask an assortment of friends and relatives to document the day on their cameras. You’d be surprised at what wonderful pictures you will have from those who love you.

4. Get to Know Your Officiate
Get a good sense of your officiate and let that person get to know the both of you. Share highlights about one another to make the wedding ceremony as personal as possible. Your dream reception at Highland Gardens will cap off the day.

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Handle Any Wedding Problem Like a Superhero

When you’re planning a wedding, you hope everything will go off without a hitch. However, life doesn’t usually happen that way. Be prepared and you can roll with the punches. It will feel like your superhero cape is hiding under your wedding finery when you take everything in stride. Here are a few tips to ensure all goes well.

1. Have a Back Up Plan
If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, you need to have a Plan B in case the weather does not cooperate. Whether you opt for a tent that can be erected quickly the night before or you choose your ceremony on grounds that also have an indoor facility. The last thing you need is to feel like a drowned rat while saying, “I do.”

2. Think About Emergencies
You may have a diabetic in attendance or someone who tends to get overheated. Perhaps others are always getting butterflies in their stomach when they get overly excited. Have an assortment of odds and ends on hand. From juice and snacks for someone with low blood sugar, to mints, and a cold drink. Be sure to have plenty of tissues as well.

3. Don’t Forget a Sewing Kit
Sewing may be a lost art, but you don’t need to be a seamstress to perform simple repairs. Bring needles, thread, and scissors in the event that someone has a wardrobe malfunction. From a popped button to a simple tear, you can save the day.

4. Pick a Great Sidekick
Find that good friend who is great at keeping everything together. This can be your go-to source of aid when troubles crop up, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief. You will be able to smooth out any wrinkles before heading to the reception center for the celebration.


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Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

Exchanging vows with your partner will be one of the most memorable and significant moments in your ceremony. While many other details will take priority before the big day, make the vow exchange much easier by taking a few steps to prepare beforehand.

Check First

Before writing your vows, make sure you have received permission from the official to do so. Some venues or sects prefer to stick to traditional vows from the Bible or other holy texts.

Start Early

Avoid postponing until the last days before the ceremony. You should be calm and clear-headed enough to give the vows the emotion they deserve. Write them when you have the free time to be relaxed and at ease.

Speak From the Heart

When expressing your heartfelt feelings, it is best to say how you genuinely feel. Don’t try to impress guests with cliché phrasing or over-the-top romantics during the ceremony. Speaking honestly will be easier to remember than reciting routine lines.

Keep it Short Enough

Keep in mind that you and your future spouse will have to memorize these vows. To make this easier, make sure to express yourself while keeping things quick enough to remember all you have to say. Also take consideration of the fact that your guests have to listen as well, so you want to avoid running so far that they lose interest in your words or the ceremony.

Practice Out Loud

You will have to speak in front of an audience, so it is best to not only memorize the words but to practice the oration as well to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Consider Saying Your Vows on the Spot

Most people prefer to plan ahead of time so they can decide on everything they would like to get across. In contrast, other people may find it easier to speak based on their feelings at the time. It may be more genuine to speak from the heart this way.

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How to Choose Your Bridal Party Extras

When it comes to your wedding day, you’ll find a large cast of friends and family who would like to be a part of your special moment, even if they are behind the scenes. While you are limited in who can join you in your wedding party, you can still involve other important people in your lives. You’ll honor them and make them feel appreciated as they play a vital role in your day.

Pick a Greeter
Allow someone extra special to be your welcoming committee, the one that meets everyone at the entrance and wishes them well. Your greeter provides an inviting touch and can send guests in the right direction, as well as pointing out the location of the cloak room and the rest room.

Select Readers
When you have sections of the ceremony that involve readers, this is the time when you can give family members and friends the chance to shine. Consider having a portion of the wedding when several people share special anecdotes about you to truly make the ceremony a personal one.

Add Entertainment
If someone you know plays an instrument or has a beautiful voice, tap into that talent. Why hire someone if you can allow the people who care about you to add that special touch? It will be all the more personal when you work on song selections together.

Choose Someone to Smooth Out Any Wrinkles
If you know a great organizer, let that person be on call when there are any glitches along the way. It is an essential part to play that will make that person feel extremely important, sparing you headaches along the way.

When you plan with care and include others in your wedding ceremony, it will truly make the moment unforgettable for others. The spirit of joy and celebration will continue as you all head to Highland Gardens for the close of your day. Make every moment count.


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Ceremony Seating: Does It Matter?

With all of the details that must be sorted out before the big day, many of the less pressing issues are overlooked until the last minute. One such issue is the seating plan for the Utah wedding. The reception usually takes the focus in this area, but seating at the ceremony has its pros and cons whether taking the strict or relaxed route.

Benefits of Traditional Family Seating

Those that plan Utah weddings following standard traditions will likely want to continue this pattern with the seating. Traditional seating based on relationship to the bride or groom usually makes guests more comfortable. They get to sit and mingle with members of their own side of the family in addition to keeping parents and children together easily. Should a slight emergency arise, the guests in need will have no trouble relying on the immediate assistance, by lending a hand or recognizing any problem and clearing a path, of those that know them.

Why Assigned Seating Works

For brides and grooms that need order to feel content with the Utah wedding day, it is much more sensible to decide where attendees will sit beforehand. Having reserved seats for each guest allows ushers to quickly and efficiently get everyone seated without mix-ups and confusion. Any guests that arrive late can carefully slide into their spots without drawing much attention. Even if guests are not placed together based on family relationships, seat assignments provide much more organization.

Reasons to Let Guests Choose

Some brides and grooms (or their planners) will have strict rules in order for each aspect of the Utah wedding to be executed without a flaw. Others are more realistic and lax with requirements. For these types, it may be easier to let guests choose where to sit. For smaller ceremonies that won’t require as much seating, couples can avoid appointing ushers to direct traffic. Allowing both sides of the family to sit where they please also provides more opportunities for the newly united families to bond with one another.

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Indoor Or Garden Wedding?

For many couples planning a wedding, the first decision to make is location. That decision can be made even harder if they are trying to decide between an indoor or Utah garden wedding.

There are many pros and cons to having an indoor or Utah garden wedding. The most obvious is weather. The biggest benefit to choosing an indoor location is that the wedding can go on no matter what the weather is doing outside. Rain, snow and extreme temperatures are no problem with a ceremony and reception site that is indoors. In addition, an indoor site means the couple can plan their wedding anywhere they want at any time of year.

In contrast, choosing to have a Utah garden wedding means an added level of stress and worry as the couple wonders about the weather on their wedding day. Does a tent need to be purchased? What about heaters or umbrellas to ward of the elements for guests? The biggest benefit to a Utah garden wedding is the simplicity and beauty that comes from planning a wedding in a lush, garden setting. Money can be saved because couples can use the flora around them as their flowers. The setting is also perfect for a romantic, nature-based wedding that only a garden venue can provide.

That is what makes Highland Gardens the perfect location for a couple that wants a Utah garden wedding with the added benefit of being inside. The indoor garden wedding reception center offers an enclosed atrium full of lush and fragrant tropical flowers in the midst of several water features. The venue also includes a complete kitchen and the ability to set up tables and chairs, allowing guests to sit among the beautiful flowers without worrying about the weather. Another amenity Highland Gardens offers is the space to prepare. Just off the atrium are rooms for the bride and groom to get ready for the ceremony and reception, something many outdoor locations do not offer.

Eliminate the stress by choosing Highland Gardens for your next Utah garden wedding.


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How to Choose the Best Attire for the Groomsmen

The groomsmen are an integral and important part of the most special day of your life – your wedding. They’ll be very visible throughout the day in several photos and key video footage, so it’s essential that they look their absolute best. Traditionally, groomsmen’s attire has generally matched one another. But, why not try something a little different and more modern by dressing them in suits that don’t match but complement each other instead. Who says they have to match exactly? Keep the look uniform by simply matching one or two elements together.

Here are a few tips on how to pull the look together:

• Choose either tuxedos or suits for your groomsmen. It’s best to get their input and involve them throughout the entire process. Traditional 3-piece suits with slacks, vest, and jacket tend to look a bit more stylish than a tuxedo. But, it’s up to you which look you want. Although the cuts of the suits can differ if you like, keep the fabric the same color throughout.

• Pick out ties, shirts, and boutonnieres. Choose either a long tie or bow tie. Longer ties seem to be a more popular choice and make an appropriate selection for a suit. For their shirts, pick either classic crisp white or another color that complements the overall style and color of the suit. Boutonnieres should ideally correspond with some feature of the bride’s or the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

• Determine which features of the groomsmen attire you want to match with each other. It’s popular to match the vest, ties, or boutonnieres. If you want to match the vests and ties, it’s best if they’re the same color as the dresses for the bridesmaids.

• Combine certain elements of the groomsmen’s attire that don’t match the other groomsmen. For instance, if the boutonnieres don’t match, make the bouquet of each bridesmaid different so it corresponds with the groomsman she’s walking down the aisle with. If the ties or vests don’t match, make sure they at least complement one another.

Choosing the look for your groomsmen on your wedding day doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful; you just have to know what you want and be somewhat open minded.


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A Candy Bar Utah Wedding Reception

If you have a sweet tooth, then having a candy bar at your Utah wedding reception might be a great idea. A candy bar is a great way to bring your guests together and make for a memorable event. You can use your candy bar to reflect your personal taste in candies from chocolates to sour candies. You can even use the candy bar as part of your wedding favors. Here are some tips to making the candy bar at your Utah wedding reception great.

You will want your candy bar to stand out and draw attention. A great way to draw attention to your bar is to add height in places and use a variety of vases, bowls and jars. You will want to sort candy by color or by theme. If your Utah wedding reception has a theme, you will want to carry them over to your candy bar. You can even weave decorations throughout the display jars of candies.

Take Away
Your candy bar is a great way to give your guests a gift to take home. At one end of the candy bar, organize a variety of bags and boxes that your guests can fill with candy and take home as a party favor. If you look, you can find Chinese take-out cartons in a variety of colors that will match your wedding to encourage guests to take them home filled with sweets and happy memories.

Special Messages
On each jar of candy, you can add a label with the name of the candy and a special message to your guests. Perhaps, you shared a bag of M&Ms on your first date with your groom. You will want to write a note about the “perfect first date” snack on the jar.

Getting It Out
When planning your candy bar, do not forget one of the essential elements, the tongs and scoops. You will not want your guests dipping their hands into the candy, getting chocolate on their fingers and leaving germs behind. Make sure that you have all the scoops and tongs that you need with a few extras for any accidental droppings.

Having a candy bar Utah wedding reception is a great way to bring sweetness to your wedding. If you provide a large enough selection, there will be a favorite for all of your guests.

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How To Choose The Best Bridesmaid Dresses

Deciding on the attire for your Utah wedding party is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a Utah wedding. It’s important that the bride and groom are comfortable and happy with their attire, but it is equally important that the rest of the party looks and feels their best as well. Attention to detail is key in wedding preparations, and with attire there are often fitting deadlines to think about as you make these decisions.

Keeping The Theme

Everything about your Utah wedding should complement the couple making vows. From the colors of the flowers, attire, accessories, and even the reception, it should all flow well together. If the bride’s dress has purple accents and there are purple flowers everywhere, the bridesmaids will look out of place in blue dresses.

When the bridesmaids are dressed and ready for the ceremony, it should be clear to an outsider that they are part of the ceremony. They should look, and feel, like part of the wedding. Simply put, they are one of the most important elements in your Utah wedding. They should fit into the theme and everyone should be able to tell that they are a part of your Utah wedding party.

Knowing Your Bridesmaids

The women you choose to stand with you during that life-changing event should feel just as beautiful as you, and they should feel as confident and secure in how they look as you can possibly achieve for them. Of course, it is your wedding, and the decision for dress designs is yours alone to make. However, you chose these particular bridesmaids for a reason (presumably because you wanted them to be a part of that occasion and move into the next phase of your life with you), so taking their opinions and feelings into consideration will only make your job easier–and your friendships stronger.

For example, if one of your bridesmaids is uncomfortable showing a lot of skin, you don’t want to pick dresses that will reveal too much flesh. Her discomfort will show, and your guests will notice. If a certain color looks abysmal on one of your bridesmaids due to complexion or hair color, consider choosing a different color or shade for the dresses. If a certain cut flatters one bridesmaid but causes another one to look frumpy, it’s probably best to keep looking. Another great idea is choosing different designs, all of the same color, for each of your bridesmaids; maybe allow them to choose the design, while you choose the color.

The idea is to keep everyone comfortable and happy–especially you. Nothing is more uncomfortable on your wedding day than a bunch of unhappy bridesmaids. There are so many designs to choose from when picking dresses that finding a fit for your bridesmaids might take time but it is far from impossible.

Consider the Future

For some women, dresses just won’t do. They will wear the dress once, and stuff it away in a closet somewhere, never to be seen again. This is an expense that they often weren’t anticipating, and even if they have adequate time to save for the dress, it can still seem like a large expense with not a lot of reward. If possible, try for dresses that can be worn again for other special occasions.

Try to keep the cost of your dresses down to a minimum. If your entire party is composed of women that tend towards jeans and t-shirts, perhaps offer to pay for the dresses yourself, or find a dress shop willing to rent the dresses to you for the occasion. Alternatively, maybe your other bridesmaids would be willing to split the cost of one extra dress with you for the one woman that doesn’t usually wear dresses and would never wear the bridesmaid dress again.

Be Open and Be Honest

Honesty really is the best policy with your bridesmaids. Remember, they love you and want the very best for you on your big day. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have agreed to stand beside you on such a wondrous occasion. Be honest about what you want them to wear, and remember that it is ultimately your decision. As your friends and/or family, they should be willing to respect whatever decisions you make.

Also, be willing to yield a bit to the opinions of the group. Try to be open about their input. Besides, they know their bodies better than you, putting them in a better position to decide what suits them best.

It’s Just a Dress

It may seem like you’re just picking dresses, but it really is one of the most important decisions for that day. It’s all about you, and your partner, so make sure you take the time to understand what’s really important. At the end of that very hectic day, the only thing you’ll care about is the fact that you’re finally there…you’re finally married to the one you love. And your bridesmaids can go on about their lives–in their fabulous dresses–while you slip off into the sunset.

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