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Discover What Highland Gardens Has To Offer
Reception Center

The Utah wedding Reception Center at Highland Gardens offers elegance, style, and value. Located in a double atrium, you will find over 10,000 sq. feet of live tropical gardens, running water features, glass ceilings, and beautiful lighting. Both large garden rooms are yours for the entire day. Stay, celebrate, and enjoy the finest Utah wedding reception center of Highland Gardens!

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Tips For Creating A Memorable Utah County Wedding Reception

While every wedding reception is memorable, perhaps you want your Utah County wedding reception to stand out a bit more over the traditional reception highlights of a beautiful dress, dancing, flowers, music, etc. You may want to make your Utah county wedding reception a little more memorable. To make yours stand out, create unique details that will be as memorable for guests as for you. Here are eight ideas for personalizing your Utah County wedding reception.

  1. Send a welcome postcard to out-of-town invites from the city that the reception will take place. It’s a nice touch that guests will save with wedding photographs.
  2. Leave the mom and dad of both newlyweds a note at their seat, which they will find when they arrive. Express appreciate for the love and support that they’ve shown and how it’s brought you to this day.
  3. Make the guests a small part of the wedding party with an “About Us” program. Letting them know the Best Man has been the Groom’s best friend since junior high or one of the Bridesmaids is a back-up dancer for a local celebrity will encourage interaction and interest.
  4. Start the reception at an off-time. 5:04, not 5:00. 1:37, not 1:00 or 2:00. In fact, if you can remember the exact time the engagement ring was put on your finger, use that time.
  5. Instead of an ice swan, go for something distinctive and different. If you have a bar, arrange for a martini luge. Everyone will be talking about it.
  6. Forget toasts, ringing bells, and clinking glasses. Set up a karaoke machine and let your guests sing songs of love and thoughtfulness to accent your special day.
  7. Instead of a guestbook, have everyone sign a curtain, bed sheet or tablecloth that you will use in your home.
  8. Create an album of guest memories: set disposable cameras or notecards at each setting. Pass around a large autograph book so that instead of just a name, you get a little advice or joke.

To find unique and special ways for your Utah county wedding reception to stand out, think outside the white box. Engage guests on both a group and individual basis.

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Have A Garden Wedding In Fall

We certainly hear enough about spring and summer weddings. But the fall season happens to be a wondrous time to tie the knot. To start, it hasn’t the popularity of those other seasons. This can be used to your advantage. During spring and summer, the more sought after venues are less likely to be available. Wedding planners, caterers, photographers, etc., will be busy, juggling multiple projects. In the fall, you will be able to plan the wedding of your dreams with little hindrance or adjustments to your vision.

Combine your fall wedding with a garden and you’re guaranteeing yourself a perfect picture of flirty pastel colors and careful breezes. Instead of sitting in uncomfortable heats, your fall garden wedding promises to be whimsical and playful. Guests may need to get out their scarves and sweaters, but they won’t mind. If anything, they will be more likely to embrace the range of colors and soft scents that can fill a garden during the season. Especially if you take advantage of the Reception Center at Highland Gardens.

Highland Gardens is proof positive that fall weddings do not have to be expensive, or subject to the weather. The Reception Center at Highland Gardens is an exceptional solution for a fall wedding. Surrounded by tropical gardens and glass ceilings, enjoy the beauty without concern for the weather. You and your loved ones can celebrate in style and with value. With over 10,000 square feet of beautiful lighting and exceptional design, your fall wedding will be everything you could imagine and more.

When planning your fall garden wedding, consider there are a range of important dates – Labor Day, Thanksgiving and several Jewish holidays – that could factor into your guests’ schedules. But don’t let that deter you or your dream plans. It is unlikely Uncle Sol would forego your wedding because he planned to go to Florida to play golf that weekend or watch the game. (Well, try and avoid the game!)


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Tis the Season for Hot Cocoa and S’Mores

The leaves are bursting with color and drifting on the wind, creating a mesmerizing scene everywhere that you go. The air is crisp, reminding you to grab that sweater or pull out your coat. You’re beginning to think about apple cider and pumpkin pie. It’s also the perfect time for hot cocoa and s’mores. You’re never too old to enjoy these favorites from childhood. Why not think cozy when you’re planning your wedding?

Give Your Guests an Inviting Treat
On the day of your marriage, you want to share the joy with everyone around you. When the vows are over and done, it’s time to celebrate with a reception that no one will ever forget. Make it even more memorable with those personal touches that will have people talking for days. You’ll really make a splash with a hot cocoa and s’mores bar, especially when your wedding falls during the brisk season when winter is just around the corner. Being able to have a taste of melted chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker is just divine, especially when it is accompanied by hot chocolate. You can really dazzle your family and friends when they can make additions to their hot chocolate with whipped cream, drizzled chocolate, and liqueurs to warm up their beverages even more.

Dare to Be Different
Everyone puts out hors d’oeuvres or breaks out the alcohol at a wedding. That may not be your style. When you want something unique that can appeal to all ages, think hot chocolate. S’mores are the icing on the cake, appealing to the sweet tooth in everyone. Whether your guests begin with this warming station as soon as they enter the reception or you choose this as a dessert option, it’s completely up to you. Tie it in with the theme of your wedding and create wedding favors, such as beautifully wrapped s’mores or gourmet cocoa packets to send everyone away with a smile.

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Fall Wedding Pitfalls: How To Avoid Them


You don’t have to let your guests sit in the summer heat.
There are beautiful colored leaves.
Even the most popular venues, caterers, photographers, etc., will likely be available. And even cost less than the heavily scheduled spring and summer seasons.

These are only a few of the reasons fall weddings are growing in popularity. But these events do come with their own seasonal obstacles. But like marriage itself, there is no impediment that can’t be overcome if you take advantage of the Reception Center at Highland Gardens.

Be prepared. Your plan for a natural foliage setting is suddenly hit by an unexpected cold front. This will not be a problem at Highland Gardens. Your fall wedding will be surrounded by tropical gardens, running water features and beautiful lighting regardless of what’s going on outside our glass ceilings.

Finding a convenient time. The fall is awash in holidays. Finding a convenient date that won’t interfere with anyone’s schedule is going to require a little due diligence. Talk with a wedding planner about the best dates. To take advantage of better weather, go with an earlier or mid-fall date. Remind guests that travel costs are cheaper in the fall to squash any whining about your date. Do be prepared for the fact no matter what day you select, someone is going to be unhappy about it.

You may not be able to decorate with the flower of choice. There are plenty of unique and elegant floral arrangements that you can use. There are asters, chrysanthemums and dahlias, among others, that will play up the season and beautify the surroundings. The professional florists at Highland Gardens will be instrumental in helping you find the flowers that best suit your plans.

Despite all the tradition behind weddings, more and more couples are seeing that their dream day should be engineered their way. Going for the fall wedding will have to be tweaked, but it has the potential to be as beautiful and memorable as any summer or spring event.

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Fall Wedding Myths

There are many advantages to a fall wedding, including the potential for lower pricing in the off season and a greater availability of popular venues. But the idea of getting married during the autumn months comes with a few myths that have deterred many from having their dream day during a perfectly wondrous time of the year.

Here are some of the greater known (and untrue) myths that have been floating around regarding fall weddings.

  • They have to be held indoors.
    Completely false. Placed at just the right time of year, weddings in the fall can take advantage of calmer climates and beautiful foliage. Heat lamps can take care of any potential chilliness and guests can dress accordingly. Fall can be as even-tempered as the spring and an excellent opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams.
  • Falls weddings must have a fall foliage color scheme.
    Only if that’s what you want. It’s your wedding day. Have the colors that you want. Avoid going overboard on spring colors and summery pastels, but there are sound hues (cream, blush, classic navy blue, gold) that can be utilized. Decorators do agree though that brighter colors should be offset by darker shades for balance.
  • Bridesmaids must wear heavy fabrics and men must dress in black.
    While you should take the weather into consideration, there is no set rule for how anyone should dress for the wedding. In fact, the traditional idea that wedding parties have to be dressed in any form of formal wear is growing obsolete. It’s your day. Wear what makes you feel special.

Don’t let history or outside forces dictate the type of fall wedding you want. You are not bound to color palettes or design. You’ve already bypassed the belief you have to get married surrounded by warmer climates. Now look at style opportunities that can truly make your wedding as unique as the time of year you chose to have it.

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Utah Wedding Guest Attire

The guest attire for your Utah wedding is often not discussed prior to the ceremony. People receive an invitation to the wedding, but they are not instructed on how to dress. You must take stock of the ceremony you will have, construct the ideal guest attire protocol and communicate this to your guests.

Formal Attire

Formal attire is often disregarded at most weddings. The members of the bridal party are in formal attire, but the guests are not expected to follow suit. However, you can create a beautiful Utah wedding day when you ask everyone to arrive in formal attire. All the ladies in flowing gowns accompanied by men in tuxedos will give you the most elegant Utah wedding day possible.

Dress Attire

The most common form of dress for a wedding is business dress. The gentlemen will all arrive in suits, and the ladies will arrive in lovely dresses. This style of attire also allows gentlemen to wear sport coats with slacks while ladies may wear suits.

If you plan for your wedding to appear this way, you must remember that dress attire is often far less uniform than formal attire. If you are not concerned with uniformity, you can ask your guests to wear dress attire.

Casual Attire

Casual attire is often used for outdoor and beach weddings. When you are attending a wedding outside, it is likely to be very hot. Plus, the guests at the event must sit for quite a while before the ceremony is over. Ladies in sundresses and gentlemen with open collars will feel more comfortable. In deference to your guests, you should ask that they wear casual attire when you are being wed outside or at the beach.

Creating the look of your Utah wedding does come down to choosing what everyone will wear. Request a certain style of dress from all your guests, and do so in the invitation to avoid confusion.

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How late is too late?

You’re getting married, opening the door to a bright new future. At one of the most exciting times of your life, you are going to have a long list of details to attend to. From choosing a location for the wedding itself, a caterer, and gowns, to the venue for your Utah wedding reception; putting a wedding together means a great deal of coordination. Timing is of the essence as well. If you want to put on the wedding of your dreams, you need to make sure you stay on schedule. Otherwise, you could be too late, missing out on many of the essentials for your special day.

Think Six Months to a Year for the Major Decisions
When it comes to the most important details about your wedding; you need to be on the ball, taking care of plans at least six months in advance. Give yourself a year and you’ll be in even better shape when it comes to choosing the site for your wedding, your Utah wedding reception venue, your caterer, and gown shopping. You’ll find that time is of the essence when choosing your wedding gown and dresses for your wedding party. Don’t wait any longer than six months, bearing in mind that alternations are an important factor. The same holds true if you want to book your first pick for a location and catering crew. If you have less than six months before the big day, you will probably have to scramble to find something acceptable.

Watch for the Six Month Mark
At six months before the wedding, you should be confirming your florist and photographer. This is the time to plan your honeymoon and book reservations. You’ll also want to pick out invitations and wedding rings. You can push it and take care of these issues up to three months before the ceremony, but you’ll feel more pressured to get everything done. Wait any longer and you are going to narrow your selection. Plan ahead and choose Highland Gardens as your partner and Utah wedding reception in making sure everything falls into place for your big day.



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Creative Cupcakes!

In terms of wedding symbolism, a towering white cake is surpassed only by the bridal gown, but many couples these days are opting to skip the multi-tiered confection in favor of something a little more unique: Cupcakes.

Why Have Cupcakes at Your Wedding?
While cakes are limited to a maximum of one flavor per tier, cupcakes can be made in as many flavors as there are cupcakes, giving every guest something to suit their tastes. The designs are equally varied. Whether you’re going for cozy or elegant, cupcakes can be decorated and arranged to suit your Utah County reception.

With significantly less need for structural engineering than a heavy multi-tiered cake, cupcakes are also considerably cheaper than full-sized wedding cakes. The money saved by using a simpler dessert can let you splurge on another area of the wedding. If you’re truly ambitious or have an interest in cake decorating, wedding cupcakes are simple enough that they could even be a DIY project.

Another benefit of wedding cupcakes is the ease of serving. Since there’s no need to cut anything, guests can simply grab one whenever they want. There’s also much less risk of a last-minute disaster. A dropped cake can ruin your Utah County reception; a dropped cupcake can simply be removed from the display.

Possible Downsides of Cupcakes
The primary downside, of course, is tradition. Guests will be expecting to see a grand wedding cake, and some might be a little taken aback to see cupcakes instead. This can be an issue for some brides and grooms as well as the guests; the cake-cutting is a traditional wedding moment that you just won’t have if you opt for cupcakes.

Best of Both Worlds
For those who love the variety and ease of cupcakes but still wish to have a cake to cut, there’s a new option: A cutting cake. This is typically presented as a tiered display of cupcakes with a small, matching cake on the top tier. This cake can be cut during the Utah County reception and part of it saved to eat on the first anniversary. It’s still not quite as grand as a traditional wedding cake, but it allows you to keep the cake-cutting ceremony while still retaining all the advantages of cupcakes.


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Wedding Registry Etiquette: The Do’s And Don’ts

When registering for wedding gifts, it is best to balance classic etiquette with modern ideas. While it is not acceptable to include gift registries with the official wedding invitations, today’s practices allow sharing the registry URL links in shower invitations and on your wedding website. You can avoid registry faux pas with a bit of forethought and careful planning.

• Do read the store’s entire registry agreement to ensure that its terms will meet your needs.
• Do recognize that while some guests prefer shopping in person, others may prefer shopping online. Register at no more than three vendors and be sure at least one of them has a showroom near where most of your guests live. Also offer a registry which allows telephone and electronic orders.
• Do add variety in your selections by including traditional and non-traditional gift categories from individual items to matched sets.
• Do choose items which represent your preferences as a couple as opposed to two singles.
• Do consider your guests’ budgets and let your choices fall in varying price ranges. Include items from $25 up to several hundred dollars. Remember that some of your guests may forego the registry and shop for a more personal gift.
• Do make the number of your gift selections greater than the number of wedding invitees so guests have plenty of options.

• Do not announce registry details yourself unless asked directly. Instead share them with your attendants and your parents.
• Do not select fad electronics and gadgets which will be obsolete within a few months. Be realistic and avoid picking items you know you’ll never use.
• Do not include items like clothes or personal hygiene products.
• Do not establish registries at similar stores. At most, designate one department store, one home products store, and one kitchen and bath store.
• Do not restrict your guests to only gifts. Consider using sites which allow guests to donate to charities or worthwhile causes.
• Do not use gifts until after the wedding!


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The Role Of The Wedding Planner

Every couple wants their wedding day to go as smoothly as possible from beginning to end. On the other hand, they also want to be able to relax and enjoy their festive day with friends and family. The solution? Engage the services of an experienced wedding planner. A wedding planner can help to clarify and complete an event, managing all the details so that the guests and hosts are free to celebrate!

One of the first tasks that a wedding planner can tackle is the design and preparation. Every couple is unique, with varied styles and interests. A professional wedding planner can help define the design of a wedding, whether it is a very formal gala or a laid-back family gathering. If the couple wants a special theme, favorite colors, or meaningful ceremonial rituals, the planner can bring them all together in a cohesive fashion, and arrange for setup.

A wedding planner develops contacts with other industry professionals, such as photographers, florists, and musicians; who can be recommended for service, saving the wedding couple time and energy. Also, the minute details of dealing with different vendors, deliveries, and arrangements can be left with the planner while the wedding party are preparing themselves.

In case of emergency, an experienced planner can account for disaster and improvise. Many pros keep “disaster kits” containing last-minute fixes for a dozen little mishaps that are bound to happen on any wedding day. A well-trained planner will also manage to keep the activities moving on schedule, and can offer guidance on etiquette in one of life’s trickiest social situations. At the conclusion of the festivities, arrangements can be organized for a getaway car, honeymoon transportation, accommodations, and cleanup.

So if your wedding is approaching, consider this: do you want to work your fingers to the bone managing your party, or do you want to sit back, relax, and make memories on your special day? Let a qualified wedding planner handle the stress!


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About Us

Our passion is quality flowers for all to enjoy.  As our slogan states, it’s in our nature to give a great product and great service.  We have been located in Highland Utah since 1992.  Read on to learn more about us and our operations.

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