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Finding Color Inspiration

We’re at it again! Today we’re creating another tablescape inspiration for your holiday hosting. We stayed true to our previous table setting tips, but we took it one step further and chose a “jumping off point” for our color scheme. We wanted to create an elegant scene this time – one that really makes a statement for any occasion. 

To start, we found a unique vintage vessel with a really beautiful patina at a local consignment shop, and took it to our florists, who created a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.  The arrangement has a modern and free form with a gorgeous color scheme. We chose to use this as the color inspiration for our whole setting. Don’t you love how the pastel pinks contrast with the rich red and purple of the autumn branches? 



Using the centerpiece as our jumping off point, we chose a deep emerald green table linen to lay the foundation. This color mimics the lush greenery and foliage used in the arrangement. Deep greens just seem to evoke an unspoken elegance, which is just what we’re after!



Inspired by the white hydrangea and soft pastel colors in the arrangement, we layered white dinner plates and a natural linen napkin to the setting. Then for contrast we chose black soup bowls, which not only finish the place setting, but also echo the dark Cosmos used as accent flowers in the arrangement. 



Reflecting the gold tones of the Ranunculus and autumn leaves, we chose gold flatware in a sleek modern shape. This helps streamline the tablescape and plays off of the more traditional elements like the crystal glasses. Vintage gold candlesticks partnered with our vintage vessel bring that sense of timeless elegance similar to that of the roses in the centerpiece.



The wooden cake stand with the pink marble top has a modern traditional feel, and the beautiful pastel tones in the marble are the perfect compliment to the soft color story being told by the Astilbe and Stock. 



And finally, why not use the beautiful colors of the food to help set the scene for your dinner party? That is exactly what we did here, choosing a deep burgundy beverage that really brings out the rich tones in autumn leaves and ties our tablescape all together. Voila!




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Setting the Table with Highland Gardens

The holidays are here! Many of us welcome the spirit of the season into our homes by hosting dinner parties for friends and family.  That means prepping the house, planning the food, doing the shopping, playing hostess and setting the scene for a festive holiday spread! This can be a lot of fun, but also a bit daunting right? Don’t stress! We are here to help you out with setting the perfect scene by sharing our 5 tips to a beautiful tablescape that is sure to have your guests feeling wow’d!


#1: Pick your Vibe

Deciding whether you want a casual sit down or more formal dining atmosphere is the first step. Choosing the dinner experience you want to create will help you select the right materials when sifting through all of your tablecloth and dinnerware options. Often the best place to start when making this decision is to look at what you already have. Do you own dishes and table linens that evoke elegance and formality, or are you working with “everyday comfort” kinds of things? Either way, assess what you have on hand, and then note where you may need to fill in some of the gaps. 

For this post, we chose to create a warm and inviting tablescape for Thanksgiving with the focus being casual elegance. 



#2: Set the Tone

Now let’s get down to business! First consider adding a tablecloth or table runner to help set the tone you want to create for the evening. This will add softness, warmth, and that ever important element of texture. It will also create a nice backdrop for the rest of your setting. Of course, if you have a beautiful wood grain table that you love and  you want a more causal or stream lined and modern feel, let that be your foundation and jumping off point for the rest of the tablescape. 

Our tablecloth evokes an inviting and comfortable mood with it’s large scale pattern in a classic black and white color scheme. Keeping it subtle but tailored adds that bit of sophistication we are going for!



#3: Create depth with Layers

Rather than placing your dishes next to each other on the table, layer one on top of the other to add depth and dimension. This prevents the setting from feeling flat and common. Don’t forget about those beautiful linen napkins you haven’t used since last year! (Your guests are worth that little bit of extra laundry!) We suggest layering them on the table either as a soft landing between dishes, or right on top as a welcoming “pick me up” for your guests when they sit down to eat. 




#4: Bring it to Life!

Once you have your dinnerware set, wake up your table with a beautiful live arrangement. Adding floral or greenery is the key to creating that indefinable “something special” and elevates the entire occasion. It adds a splash of color and helps soften all of the hard materials, not to mention it’s just plain pretty to look at! For a formal setting, consider one large piece in the center of the table. For a more causal feel, place three smaller arrangements down the middle. Just make sure your arrangements aren’t too tall… you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table.

Our florists at Highland Gardens put together this breathtaking arrangement as a centerpiece for our table. The fresh fall color scheme contrasts nicely with all of the black and white finishes we have going on. 




#5: It’s all in the Details

Our final tip to creating a beautiful tablescape is add the little details that elevate your setting and make your guests feel special! Some examples are beautiful glass votives sprinkled throughout the table, candlesticks or tapers grouped together at either end, or possibly ribbon-tied evergreen sprigs or name cards for each place setting. These simple yet thoughtful touches make your holiday table feel luminous and your guests will undoubtedly feel honored and welcomed. One of the greatest gifts you can offer is your hospitality when you invite loved ones to sit down, stay a while, and feel at home for the holidays!




Watch the video below to really see our table come to life!

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Reception ceremony room [Not a valid template]
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Non Traditional Utah County Wedding Entertainment

The most creative and non-conforming weddings are always the most memorable. Having non-cliché, out-of-the-box entertainment can really add depth to a Utah County wedding. Here are just some of many non-traditional ideas for fun at any Utah County wedding.

1. Fire Breather
How insane (the good kind of insane) does that sound? Not too many receptions can boast about having had a fire breather. Kick the heat up with this type of act and leave guests in awe.

2. Caricaturist
The best thing about having a caricaturist is that the guests can bring home a really neat personalized souvenir from the wedding. It’s like a wedding favor and entertainment all in one.

3. Bounce House
These inflatables are not just for kids, and rightly so considering the fun factor they possess. For an outdoor summer Utah County wedding, a bounce house would be perfect and will make the wedding extra special. Just make sure guests know ahead of time so that appropriate attire can be worn.

4. Karaoke
Break the ice and amp up the fun with good ol’ fashion, but never outdated, karaoke. No DJ will be needed when the guests will be providing the music.

5. Photo Booth
This is another form of entertainment that also serves as a form of wedding favors. In recent years these booths have become easier to find as well. Guests will love taking pictures and sharing them.

6. Arcade
Arcades are actually available on wheels now so they can be rented for any occasion. Everyone will be sweetly surprised when they see the arcade. It’s hard not to have a smile when playing an arcade game and guests will leave overjoyed.

Having not so typical types of entertainment at a Utah County wedding is a great way to leave the whole crowd with amazing memories.  Remember that not many things are off limits, so be unique and leave everyone amazed!


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Rehearsal Dinner

In addition to the bride and groom, many friends and family members expend themselves both financially and physically in the preparation of the wedding. One of the ways that the bride and groom can show their appreciation for the support of friends and family; is by having a rehearsal dinner.

What Is a Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is a time for both the bride’s and groom’s family to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. It is held one or two days prior to the wedding. Rehearsal dinners are held in the evening. It is an opportunity for all involved with the wedding to enjoy each other’s company, relieve some of the pre-wedding stress, and make everyone feel comfortable prior to the upcoming wedding.

Who pays?

Traditionally, it is going to be the groom’s family who pays for the rehearsal dinner. They will be the ones who will select the location of the event, and they will orchestrate all of the plans and preparation in connection with the event.

What Is the Appropriate Setting for a Rehearsal Dinner?

A rehearsal dinner can be formal, or it can be very casual. Some have chosen to rent banquet halls or have a garden party, while others have decided to have a simple outdoor picnic or a family barbecue. The reversal dinner should have a less formal feel to it than the wedding. The food, atmosphere, and preparations for the rehearsal dinner should not overshadow the wedding itself.

Who to Invite

In addition to family members, some have chosen to invite guests who have traveled a long way for the wedding. Typically, the bridal party will be invited to the rehearsal dinner. If the rehearsal dinner is a formal event, formal invitations should be sent out inviting guests to RSVP. If it is a less formal event, an e-vite or a phone call will be all that is required.

The rehearsal dinner is a perfect opportunity for everyone involved in the wedding to become familiar with each other. The bride and groom may want to use this opportunity to give gifts to those in the bridal party. During desert it is common for the groom’s family to give a toast. The evening can conclude with a few friendly reminders from the bride and groom about the upcoming event.


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Alternative Guestbook Ideas

A wedding guestbook is a lovely tradition that allows wedding attendees to share their favorite memories and best wishes for the bride and groom during the reception. Unfortunately, signing a guestbook is often overlooked as guests may not be aware that your reception has one or even where it is located. Listed below are several alternative ideas for a unique, eye-catching guestbook that are fun and engaging for your guests and allow you to relive your special day.
Jigsaw Puzzle or Jenga Pieces

Have your guests write a personal message on a wooden puzzle piece or Jenga game piece. The jigsaw pieces can then be glued together in their solved puzzle form, or your guests can play a game of Jenga!

Instrument or Sports Memorabilia

If either the bride or groom has a strong interest in music or sports, write well wishes and advice on a special instrument, record, or sport ball with sharpies!

Travel-themed Map or Suitcase

Guests can sign a spot on a world map or map of your honeymoon location that can be placed on a wall in your home. Alternatively, offer postcards for guests to “write a letter,” and compile the cards into a cute vintage suitcase.

Wishing Stones

Your guests can give their best wishes for your marriage on these beautiful stones that can then be added to a vase or used to decorate a garden plot.

Guest Quilt

Using fabric crayons or markers, guests can each sign or draw on an individual fabric square to sew into a quilt or tablecloth. Quick tip: iron the back of each square with freezer paper to make the surface more stable for writing.

Bottles of Wine

Set up several bottles of wine or champagne with a vintage year that marks a special or significant anniversary for the bride and groom. Silver and gold sharpies work best for inscribing guests’ memories of the couple from each anniversary or year.

Trying to spend quality time with every guest can be stressful for the bride and groom; any of these alternative guestbook ideas will offer a special and unique way for guests to send well wishes, advice, and personal messages to the happy couple that can then be beautifully displayed in their home during their lifelong journey.

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Wedding Ceremony Music

Finding the right wedding ceremony music doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Understanding the basic types of wedding music, when they are to be used, and how they should sound, is a gift to every bride.

Wedding Ceremony Music Basics

The basics begin with three song types: prelude, processional, and recessional. The prelude is light, welcoming music. The processional accompanies the wedding party down the aisle, and the recessional plays as everyone leaves down the aisle after the ceremony.

Consider the Space

Before song selections are made, consider the venue. Some sites are very strict regarding type of wedding ceremony music or songs played during a ceremony. Space for bands may be limited, and some sections of town may have noise restrictions. The size of the site must be considered as well, as a larger sound could be overwhelming for a smaller space. Consider the types of instruments used as well; harps are rather large and cumbersome while classic guitars are more mobile. The space combined with the sound made by the music will be important to the overall outcome of the wedding.

Make the Sound Strategic

Wedding musicians can cost upwards of $500 each. Wedding DJ’s may cost much more. If cost is an issue, consider what is already set up in the venue. Churches, for example, often have pianos or organs in place. Sound systems are built into many venues as well. Musicians will charge for time as well as transport cost for the instruments, so consider all sources when looking for wedding ceremony music.

The venue’s acoustics must also be considered when choosing the wedding ceremony music. An indoor venue will hold more sound and will support a musical duo better than the outdoors. A DJ, however, might work better for an outdoor wedding, as the sound can be adjusted to fit the number of attending guests.

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4 Reasons You Should Have a Wedding Video

Brides and grooms spend thousands of dollars on clothes, flowers, the venue, food, and cake. While a great photographer can capture many of the details in extremely beautiful still pictures; pictures alone can’t completely capture the entire magical experience of the day. We’ve got 4 great reasons you’ll want to have a wedding video at your wedding.

1. Loved Ones
You’ve included older relatives who might not be around much longer. You’ve also invited loved ones who you don’t see that often because they live far away from you. These loved ones might not make it into many of the wedding photographs because the photographer can’t capture every single moment with every person at the wedding and reception. It’s impossible.

2. The Day Flies Quickly
There’s no way you’ll see all of the moments during your wedding and reception. While you’re dressing, guests are arriving. You won’t get to see their reactions to the venue or decorations. Without a video, you’ll miss many of their reactions during the ceremony as well. You’ll also miss the wedding party, including the adorable ring bearer and beautiful flower girl, walking down the aisle if you don’t hire a videographer.

3. Sound
With pictures, you’re going to get some beautiful moments that can be treasured forever, but you’re not going to get the sounds. The excited voices of your family as they watch you marry the love of your life will be missed. You won’t hear well-wishes from relatives and friends. The laughter and the joy will be missing from the photographs. You’ll be able to capture the emotion of the day much better with video.

4. Viral Videos
That amazing dance routine between various members of your wedding party won’t be captured unless you hire a videographer. The father-daughter dance won’t be captured in its entirety with the full emotion of the moment unless it’s filmed on video. You’ll be able to upload the best moments to your social media for the entire family to see.

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Non-traditional Wedding Music

Weddings are becoming less traditional all the time; and why not? A wedding is a very personal celebration and should reflect the personality of the couple. One way to do that is to use non-traditional wedding music as part of your wedding. Wedding music is big component of a wedding celebration and can set the tone for your entire wedding. Starting from the very beginning of the ceremony, you can incorporate your personal taste in music. It is traditional to play classical or orchestral wedding music as part of the processional, but maybe you would prefer something that goes along with your theme. If it is a relaxed outdoor wedding, maybe some country music would be in order. During the wedding party processional, you can really enjoy yourself using songs that mean something to you. There are many beautiful choices for a non-traditional bridal entrance. Several brides have chosen to walk down the aisle to unique love songs that mean something to their relationships.

The reception is also a great time to showcase your personal style with some non-traditional wedding music. Many couples will choose to dance their first dance to one of the tried and true favorites, but what fun is that? Instead, you could dance to the theme song from your favorite show. Maybe you went to a Mexican restaurant on your first date. Honor that by dancing to some Latin music. Wedding music for father/daughter and mother/son dances, you could go with the usual tear-jerker songs, but it might be more meaningful to choose a song that has special significance. If you and your father listened to a special type of music together, then use that. Mother/son dances can be just as meaningful. Choose music that reflects your relationship, even if it’s not what people will be expecting. Throughout the reception you can use wedding music that fits with your wedding theme or even some top 40 hits. It’s your wedding, so you deserve to have some fun.


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How to Pick Your Bridesmaids

Choosing bridesmaids doesn’t have to be stressful. By following a few important guidelines, you will be able to choose the best group of women who will help make your big day as enjoyable as possible.

Leave the Drama Behind

One of the first things you need to do when choosing bridesmaids is to think about the people who will be the easiest to work with. Of course, you may have a host of sisters and friends who really want to be in your Utah County wedding. However, you should always choose those who won’t cause unnecessary drama. A Utah County wedding can be stressful enough as it is. You don’t want to work with people who will only make things worse.

Who Really Has Your Back?

One of the worst feelings a bride can experience is helplessness, especially when she has a host of bridesmaids who should be helping to lift the load. Contrary to what some may believe, being a bridesmaid is not just about walking down the aisle with a pretty dress. Instead, they are expected to assist the bride wherever and whenever necessary. You don’t want anyone on your team who has a history of flaking out on you.

Can They Make the Sacrifice?

Now, just because someone has been there for you in the past, it doesn’t mean they will be available during your Utah County wedding. They may have other things going on in their lives that prevent them from fulfilling the necessary duties; like a pregnancy or a new job. Whatever the case may be, you may want to think twice before choosing them as a bridesmaid.

It may seem difficult to leave some people out, but you have to make the decision that is best for you. So, choose wisely and don’t let anyone pressure you into making the wrong decisions.


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Tips to a Perfect Winter Wedding

While winter weddings are beautiful no matter the season, a ceremony in the heart of winter can be truly magical. Read on for tips to begin planning your perfect winter wedding.

Cozy Up

As temperatures fall during the wintertime, you’ll want to ensure you and your guests will stay comfortable (and warm!) throughout the day. Be sure you and your bridal party have something to wear over your attire for any outdoor photos or traveling. A cozy shawl or luxurious fur coat atop your winter wedding dress can be stunning and dreamy, even if it’s only for the walk to your getaway vehicle.

Cooler weather provides the opportunity for a perfectly romantic and inviting reception. Warm it up with the glow of candles, hot beverages, and winter wedding favors that capture the season. Treat your guests to a hot cocoa bar filled with everything they need to craft the perfect cup; or give them a festive ornament or cookie-cutter to take home as a token of your appreciation.

‘Tis the Season

Although it may feel like your winter wedding is a holiday all its own, there are many actual holidays of which you’ll want to be mindful when choosing your winter wedding date. December is a busy month for nearly everyone, so expect to see a few more “not attending” responses on those RSVP cards if you do choose to host your winter wedding around the holidays. Calendars are usually clearer in the early months, so consider choosing a date in January or February for the best turnout.

As you plan, allow yourself to be inspired by the season as you choose your colors and décor; but don’t feel as though you have to choose a “winter wonderland” theme just because your winter wedding falls near the holidays or the season of snow. You may, however, find yourself falling in love with snowflakes, frosted branches and poinsettia – and that’s perfectly okay!


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Have a Summer Wedding in Winter

Planning a summer wedding in the wintertime may seem like an impossible feat, but dreams can come true! So how can you create a “summer wedding” in winter? Well, you won’t have to ship everyone down to a Caribbean island to get the best weather. Instead, you can hold your summer-type wedding in a beautiful environment at the Reception Center at Highland Gardens. You’ll love the gorgeous dual-atrium glass architecture and the lush, tropical gardens that will surround you and your guests – even in the middle of a snowy day!

In fact, you’ll discover that winter is actually a great time to plan the perfect wedding. Since spring and summer are busier times for many wedding venues, planners, caterers, and more; a wedding held in the winter months opens up a lot of options for you. In addition, you may find the prices are much better since the overall demand is lower.

The Reception Center at Highland Gardens provides everything you need for a stress-free wedding day. From large dressing areas for the Bride and Groom to a full-size kitchen equipped to handle any size guest count, the Reception Center offers more than a room for the wedding reception. In addition, there are plenty of various-sized tables and white padded chairs to accommodate everyone on your guest list.

If you decide to have your summer wedding in the winter, be aware that December can be a very busy month for a lot of folks. Consider a January or February wedding to maximize attendance and make everyone’s winter blues melt away.

So, imagine tropical gardens, lovely water features, and sparkling lights that whisk the bridal party, your family and guests off to an enchanting summer night. Everyone will forget the harsh weather outside as they dance the night away in the middle of tropical décor and dazzling lights. Years from now, people will still be talking about your amazing summer wedding in the middle of winter!


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How to Pick Your Groomsmen

Your wedding is fast approaching and it’s a pivotal moment in your life. You stand before family and friends to unite with the love of your life. You want to share in this special occasion with those who are close to you. One of your most challenging decisions will be choosing your groomsmen. Take some simple tips in order to make this monumental decision a bit easier.

It’s All in the Family
Take a look at most weddings and you will see that siblings are at the top of the list. If you have brothers and you have a solid relationship, you’ll want to include them in your wedding party. It will be up to you when it comes to the critical position of best man. It could be your big brother, your twin, or your kid brother that has been your shadow for most of your life. If you don’t have siblings, you may have cousins or uncles that have had a major impact on your life. You need to remember the ties that bind and make your family feel involved.

Don’t Forget Your Buddies
Your best friend is going to be at the top of the list when you need someone to stand up with you at your wedding. If you don’t have a brother, you already know who will be first in line for best man. When you have a group of really good friends, you can include them all as groomsmen or help them to feel included as ushers.

Don’t Forget Your Partner’s Family
In addition to your friends and family; don’t exclude family members on your partner’s side of the family. Whether you need to round out your group of groomsmen or simply want to show how important your in-laws are, you can always reach out to your partner’s brothers. You can also work with Highland Gardens to ensure everyone feels that they have an important part in your special day.


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Winter Wedding colors

Often, the first thing a bride thinks about when planning her wedding is the colors of her wedding. Some brides like to stick to the traditional black and white wedding, while others dare to be different, unique and bold. Here are a few suggestions that offer just a glimpse of the color themes you might choose for your winter wedding.
White & Green:
Neutral colors for a winter wedding create a classic look that can also be combined with other colors.

Pink & Yellow:
One of the most popular flowers from last year’s winter weddings was the Marble Star poinsettias, which not only bloom in pink and yellow, but are also full, and add the perfect seasonal touch to a wedding.

Pink, Red & Purple:
Different shades of red evoke a regal wedding that’s stately and elegant any time of the year, even winter.

Red, Plum & White:
This combination of colors is a refreshing change, especially when combined with white and silver, which makes it perfect for tables and other surfaces.

Red & Green:
Who could forget this perfect combination of colors when Christmas is right around the corner? These colors could be carried through to practically anything in the wedding, but if you plan on using them on tables, candles would make a nice addition.

Pink & White:
This is a nice combination if you are looking for something very feminine and you want to get away from the traditional winter colors.

Pink & Red:
These are more traditional colors that can make a bold statement when used together, wherever you want to use them.

Ivory & Brown:
Ivory has been a traditional but formal color for weddings for years, regardless of the season, but combined with brown, and you have a naturally complimentary twist.

Green, White & Black:
If you want to tone down the feminine angle and include more of a masculine touch, this combination of colors is perfect for achieving that at your wedding.

Highland Gardens offers complete facilities for all of your wedding needs. In fact, we offer one of the largest facilities for weddings and other events in the state. We take pride in being able to offer practically anything in the way of planning and executing your wedding or other special event.

For more unique, bright colors and ideas to use this winter, please visit us here!


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Pets And Utah County weddings

Pets make loving companions, and most pet owners consider them to be a member of the member. Some couples have even successfully opted to include pets in their Utah County wedding ceremony. Many of the nontraditional Utah County wedding venues like Highland Gardens are quite suitable for having your furry, four-legged best friend or other pet at the ceremony.

Some pets may be able to have a specific role such as ring-bearer or flower girl. The rings can be attached to the pet’s neck with a pretty ribbon, or she can wear a specially commissioned lei of flowers. But even if your pet would not be suitable for a part in the ceremony, there are other ways to include your best friend in your big day. Simply adorn him with a lei and a ribbon leash. Enlist a friend or family member to stay with your pet as an outside greeter. If even that isn’t possible, a creative photographer can suggest ways to include your pet in the Utah County wedding photos.

Keeping some important pointers in mind will ensure the success of including a pet in your Utah County wedding. First of all, consider your pet’s temperament. He needs to be comfortable around people, even if the crowd is small. If he is going to play a role, practice his part with him several times.

If your pet is a dog, it’s better to use a leash that is a little on the short side, especially if he is energetic or easily distracted. Consider any safety precautions that should be taken if your ceremony is to be held at an outside venue. Check with the florist that you commission to ensure that flowers and other plants she uses are not toxic to animals. Finally, hire a sitter for after-the-ceremony activities so that you are free to concentrate on your special day. A pet left on his own could result in a consumed Utah County wedding cake or any other such disaster.

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Event Amenities

Are you looking for a place to host your wedding reception or other large gathering? If so, then Highland Gardens new reception center Utah will fulfill your every desire. Our Reception Center Utah  is a unique dual atrium styled glass house, filled with luscious tropical gardens and a bit of Tuscan decor.

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About Us

Our passion is quality flowers for all to enjoy.  As our slogan states, it’s in our nature to give a great product and great service.  We have been located in Highland, Utah since 1992.  Read on to learn more about us and our Event and Utah wedding reception center operations.

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