Alternative Guestbook Ideas

A wedding guestbook is a lovely tradition that allows wedding attendees to share their favorite memories and best wishes for the bride and groom during the reception. Unfortunately, signing a guestbook is often overlooked as guests may not be aware that your reception has one or even where it is located. Listed below are several alternative ideas for a unique, eye-catching guestbook that are fun and engaging for your guests and allow you to relive your special day.
Jigsaw Puzzle or Jenga Pieces

Have your guests write a personal message on a wooden puzzle piece or Jenga game piece. The jigsaw pieces can then be glued together in their solved puzzle form, or your guests can play a game of Jenga!

Instrument or Sports Memorabilia

If either the bride or groom has a strong interest in music or sports, write well wishes and advice on a special instrument, record, or sport ball with sharpies!

Travel-themed Map or Suitcase

Guests can sign a spot on a world map or map of your honeymoon location that can be placed on a wall in your home. Alternatively, offer postcards for guests to “write a letter,” and compile the cards into a cute vintage suitcase.

Wishing Stones

Your guests can give their best wishes for your marriage on these beautiful stones that can then be added to a vase or used to decorate a garden plot.

Guest Quilt

Using fabric crayons or markers, guests can each sign or draw on an individual fabric square to sew into a quilt or tablecloth. Quick tip: iron the back of each square with freezer paper to make the surface more stable for writing.

Bottles of Wine

Set up several bottles of wine or champagne with a vintage year that marks a special or significant anniversary for the bride and groom. Silver and gold sharpies work best for inscribing guests’ memories of the couple from each anniversary or year.

Trying to spend quality time with every guest can be stressful for the bride and groom; any of these alternative guestbook ideas will offer a special and unique way for guests to send well wishes, advice, and personal messages to the happy couple that can then be beautifully displayed in their home during their lifelong journey.