Creative Cupcakes!

In terms of wedding symbolism, a towering white cake is surpassed only by the bridal gown, but many couples these days are opting to skip the multi-tiered confection in favor of something a little more unique: Cupcakes.

Why Have Cupcakes at Your Wedding?
While cakes are limited to a maximum of one flavor per tier, cupcakes can be made in as many flavors as there are cupcakes, giving every guest something to suit their tastes. The designs are equally varied. Whether you’re going for cozy or elegant, cupcakes can be decorated and arranged to suit your Utah County reception.

With significantly less need for structural engineering than a heavy multi-tiered cake, cupcakes are also considerably cheaper than full-sized wedding cakes. The money saved by using a simpler dessert can let you splurge on another area of the wedding. If you’re truly ambitious or have an interest in cake decorating, wedding cupcakes are simple enough that they could even be a DIY project.

Another benefit of wedding cupcakes is the ease of serving. Since there’s no need to cut anything, guests can simply grab one whenever they want. There’s also much less risk of a last-minute disaster. A dropped cake can ruin your Utah County reception; a dropped cupcake can simply be removed from the display.

Possible Downsides of Cupcakes
The primary downside, of course, is tradition. Guests will be expecting to see a grand wedding cake, and some might be a little taken aback to see cupcakes instead. This can be an issue for some brides and grooms as well as the guests; the cake-cutting is a traditional wedding moment that you just won’t have if you opt for cupcakes.

Best of Both Worlds
For those who love the variety and ease of cupcakes but still wish to have a cake to cut, there’s a new option: A cutting cake. This is typically presented as a tiered display of cupcakes with a small, matching cake on the top tier. This cake can be cut during the Utah County reception and part of it saved to eat on the first anniversary. It’s still not quite as grand as a traditional wedding cake, but it allows you to keep the cake-cutting ceremony while still retaining all the advantages of cupcakes.