Raza De Perros Shih Tzu Caracteristicas

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  1. If you are gone more than 8 – 10 hours a day, do consider hiring a pet sitter to give your dog a break during the day.

  2. The adage a tired dog is a happy dog is a happy owner is especially true in this instance.

  3. The breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1922, and came into the national spotlight when CH.

  4. This stops raging testosterone from prodding him on.

  5. Like it or not, some do, and seem to get great pleasure out of it.

  6. Even when they didnt live, weknew we gave it a chance.

  7. When asked if she has ever had such a tiny dog before, Pamela, ever the animal activist, appropriately recounts a rescue story.

  8. This is a courageous, extremely obedient, highly intelligent, and affectionate breed possessing a sense of humor.

  9. One of her first cases involved a three-year-old boy who had been placed in a foster home.