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Finding Color Inspiration

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We’re at it again! Today we’re creating another tablescape inspiration for your holiday hosting. We stayed true to our previous table setting tips, but we took it one step further and chose a “jumping off point” for our color scheme. We wanted to create an elegant scene this time – one that really makes a statement for any occasion. 

To start, we found a unique vintage vessel with a really beautiful patina at a local consignment shop, and took it to our florists, who created a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.  The arrangement has a modern and free form with a gorgeous color scheme. We chose to use this as the color inspiration for our whole setting. Don’t you love how the pastel pinks contrast with the rich red and purple of the autumn branches? 



Using the centerpiece as our jumping off point, we chose a deep emerald green table linen to lay the foundation. This color mimics the lush greenery and foliage used in the arrangement. Deep greens just seem to evoke an unspoken elegance, which is just what we’re after!



Inspired by the white hydrangea and soft pastel colors in the arrangement, we layered white dinner plates and a natural linen napkin to the setting. Then for contrast we chose black soup bowls, which not only finish the place setting, but also echo the dark Cosmos used as accent flowers in the arrangement. 



Reflecting the gold tones of the Ranunculus and autumn leaves, we chose gold flatware in a sleek modern shape. This helps streamline the tablescape and plays off of the more traditional elements like the crystal glasses. Vintage gold candlesticks partnered with our vintage vessel bring that sense of timeless elegance similar to that of the roses in the centerpiece.



The wooden cake stand with the pink marble top has a modern traditional feel, and the beautiful pastel tones in the marble are the perfect compliment to the soft color story being told by the Astilbe and Stock. 



And finally, why not use the beautiful colors of the food to help set the scene for your dinner party? That is exactly what we did here, choosing a deep burgundy beverage that really brings out the rich tones in autumn leaves and ties our tablescape all together. Voila!




Setting the Table with Highland Gardens

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The holidays are here! Many of us welcome the spirit of the season into our homes by hosting dinner parties for friends and family.  That means prepping the house, planning the food, doing the shopping, playing hostess and setting the scene for a festive holiday spread! This can be a lot of fun, but also a bit daunting right? Don’t stress! We are here to help you out with setting the perfect scene by sharing our 5 tips to a beautiful tablescape that is sure to have your guests feeling wow’d!


#1: Pick your Vibe

Deciding whether you want a casual sit down or more formal dining atmosphere is the first step. Choosing the dinner experience you want to create will help you select the right materials when sifting through all of your tablecloth and dinnerware options. Often the best place to start when making this decision is to look at what you already have. Do you own dishes and table linens that evoke elegance and formality, or are you working with “everyday comfort” kinds of things? Either way, assess what you have on hand, and then note where you may need to fill in some of the gaps. 

For this post, we chose to create a warm and inviting tablescape for Thanksgiving with the focus being casual elegance. 



#2: Set the Tone

Now let’s get down to business! First consider adding a tablecloth or table runner to help set the tone you want to create for the evening. This will add softness, warmth, and that ever important element of texture. It will also create a nice backdrop for the rest of your setting. Of course, if you have a beautiful wood grain table that you love and  you want a more causal or stream lined and modern feel, let that be your foundation and jumping off point for the rest of the tablescape. 

Our tablecloth evokes an inviting and comfortable mood with it’s large scale pattern in a classic black and white color scheme. Keeping it subtle but tailored adds that bit of sophistication we are going for!



#3: Create depth with Layers

Rather than placing your dishes next to each other on the table, layer one on top of the other to add depth and dimension. This prevents the setting from feeling flat and common. Don’t forget about those beautiful linen napkins you haven’t used since last year! (Your guests are worth that little bit of extra laundry!) We suggest layering them on the table either as a soft landing between dishes, or right on top as a welcoming “pick me up” for your guests when they sit down to eat. 




#4: Bring it to Life!

Once you have your dinnerware set, wake up your table with a beautiful live arrangement. Adding floral or greenery is the key to creating that indefinable “something special” and elevates the entire occasion. It adds a splash of color and helps soften all of the hard materials, not to mention it’s just plain pretty to look at! For a formal setting, consider one large piece in the center of the table. For a more causal feel, place three smaller arrangements down the middle. Just make sure your arrangements aren’t too tall… you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table.

Our florists at Highland Gardens put together this breathtaking arrangement as a centerpiece for our table. The fresh fall color scheme contrasts nicely with all of the black and white finishes we have going on. 




#5: It’s all in the Details

Our final tip to creating a beautiful tablescape is add the little details that elevate your setting and make your guests feel special! Some examples are beautiful glass votives sprinkled throughout the table, candlesticks or tapers grouped together at either end, or possibly ribbon-tied evergreen sprigs or name cards for each place setting. These simple yet thoughtful touches make your holiday table feel luminous and your guests will undoubtedly feel honored and welcomed. One of the greatest gifts you can offer is your hospitality when you invite loved ones to sit down, stay a while, and feel at home for the holidays!




Watch the video below to really see our table come to life!

Creative Cupcakes!

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Creative Cupcakes!

In terms of wedding symbolism, a towering white cake is surpassed only by the bridal gown, but many couples these days are opting to skip the multi-tiered confection in favor of something a little more unique: Cupcakes.

Why Have Cupcakes at Your Wedding?
While cakes are limited to a maximum of one flavor per tier, cupcakes can be made in as many flavors as there are cupcakes, giving every guest something to suit their tastes. The designs are equally varied. Whether you’re going for cozy or elegant, cupcakes can be decorated and arranged to suit your Utah County reception.

With significantly less need for structural engineering than a heavy multi-tiered cake, cupcakes are also considerably cheaper than full-sized wedding cakes. The money saved by using a simpler dessert can let you splurge on another area of the wedding. If you’re truly ambitious or have an interest in cake decorating, wedding cupcakes are simple enough that they could even be a DIY project.

Another benefit of wedding cupcakes is the ease of serving. Since there’s no need to cut anything, guests can simply grab one whenever they want. There’s also much less risk of a last-minute disaster. A dropped cake can ruin your Utah County reception; a dropped cupcake can simply be removed from the display.

Possible Downsides of Cupcakes
The primary downside, of course, is tradition. Guests will be expecting to see a grand wedding cake, and some might be a little taken aback to see cupcakes instead. This can be an issue for some brides and grooms as well as the guests; the cake-cutting is a traditional wedding moment that you just won’t have if you opt for cupcakes.

Best of Both Worlds
For those who love the variety and ease of cupcakes but still wish to have a cake to cut, there’s a new option: A cutting cake. This is typically presented as a tiered display of cupcakes with a small, matching cake on the top tier. This cake can be cut during the Utah County reception and part of it saved to eat on the first anniversary. It’s still not quite as grand as a traditional wedding cake, but it allows you to keep the cake-cutting ceremony while still retaining all the advantages of cupcakes.


Fruit & Nut Trees–Small Fruits 2016 Availability

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Fruit & Nut Trees–Small Fruits 2016 Availability

These fruit and nut plants have been carefully selected for Utah zone 5.  We have some very exciting genetic dwarf, dwarf, semi-dwarf, and multi-budded fruit trees.  Look at the Apples, Cherries, Peach, and Pluot trees.  It is rare to get Dwarf Cherries and Apples.  We have Pluerry’s (Plum Cherry cross) and it is supposed to be better tasting than the Pluot (Plum Apricot cross) which is an amazing fruit.

We have an edible landscape specialist her name is Susan, please call her for a consultation at (801) 602-9121 or go to her website at Utah Edible Gardens (

2016 Highland Gardens Fruits & Nut Trees and Small Fruits

Click to see more details of each fruit tree:   Highland-Gardens_UT_2016


4 in 1 (Ranier, Bing, Utah Giant, Van)

Cherry Bing Dwarf (8′-14′ very small for Cherries)

Cherry Ranier Dwarf (8′-14′ very small for Cherries)

Cherry Craig’s Crimson Dwarf (8′-14′ very small for Cherries)


4 in 1 (Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith)

4 in 1 (Fuiji, Gala, Mutsu, Jonagold) on M111

6 in 1, 3-Tier espalier (Gala, Fuji, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Gravenstein, Bisbee Red Delicious)

Gala, Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf

Golden Delicious, Semi-Dwarf and Pollinator

Honey crisp, Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf


4 in 1 (Gleason Early Elberta, Redhaven, Frost, Veteran, Cresthaven)

Honey Babe Miniature Genetic Dwarf 3’ to 5’

Gleason Early Elberta



Snow Beauty White


Arctic Jay White

Fruit Salad

4 in 1 (Polly White Peach, Harken Peach, Harko Nectarine, Harcot Apricot and Superior Plum budded onto Citation rootstock – they vary)


Chinese (Mormon)

Pluerry (New)

Sweet Treat

Candy Heart

32MF92 plum cherry

Candy Heart Pluerry


4 in 1 NEW (Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme, Dapple Dandy -they are hard to find)

Flavor King

Dapple Dandy (hard to find)


Santa Rosa


Persian Fruiting

Asian Pear




3-4 in 1 Espalier (Bartlett, Red D’Anjou, Flemish, Bosc, D’Anjou)

Nut Trees




All in One

Small Fruits




Green Seedless

Himrod, Interlaken

Red Seedless

Suffolk Red, Canadice


Heritage Red, Jewell Black, Fall Gold, Candy Red


Pixwell, Hinnonmaki Red, Black Velvet


Hardy Issai Self-fruitful

Blackberry, Thornless

Triple Crown, Black Satin, Navajo


Violette de Bordeaux


Bluecrop Northern, Blueray Northern



2015 Utah Fruit and Nut Trees

Espaliered Apple 6 in 1 (Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Gravenstein, and Brisbee Spur Red Delicious)-SOLD OUT!

Apple 3 in 1 (Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, or Honeycrisp)-SOLD OUT!

Apricot (Chinese/Mormon)

Peach (Lemon Elberta, Red Haven, O’Henry, Snow Beauty White)

Peach 3 or 4 in 1 (Red Haven, Gleason Early Elberta, Veteran, Cresthaven, or Frost)

Pluot (Dapple Dandy)

Pear (Bartlett)-SOLD OUT!

Cherry 3 in 1 (Bing, Utah Giant, Van, or Ranier)

Fruit Salad 3 or 4 in 1 (Harken Peach, Harko Nectarine, Harcot Apricot, or Superior Plum)

Nectarine (Flavortop and Arctic Jay White)

Mulberry (Dwarf Black)

Almond (All-in-one)

Walnut (Ambassador – English)

Small Fruits

Raspberry (Heritage, Golden, Black,  Canby)

Blackberry (Triple Crown, Black Satin, and Navajo)

Gooseberry (Red, Black Velvet)

Grape (Eastern Concord, Himrod, and Canadice)

Hardy Kiwi (Isaii)


Download file below for descriptions:


Garden Retail Nursery

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We are open now for 2016