Landscape Design for your yard

We can come to your home or business and help you design your landscape. The first hour is $99 and then $1 a minute for the second hour on.  Most designs take 1-2 hours.  They will be hand drawn and not to scale.  You will have a landscape plan before we leave.  

If your yard still has dirt everywhere or worse weeds and no shade give us a call.  Or if you have old shrubs (bushes) overgrown and out of control we can help.

We have experienced designers. Ask for Leslie or Susan. We have decades of experience.  We have done hundreds of landscape designs. Ask your neighbor.  

Also, if you buy your trees and shrubs from Highland Gardens and spend $1,500 we will deliver for free.  If you spend $3,000 we will deliver and install for free.

Give us a call today. 801-756-9999