Utah Reception Center Pricing & FAQ's

The cost to rent the Highland Gardens Utah Wedding Reception Center and Event Center is $1,650 Monday and Tuesday, $1,950 Wednesday and Thursday and $2,250 Friday and Saturday (deposit is $500 to reserve a date). Please call 801.420.3646 for questions or booking.

Pricing Includes:

◊  Tables ◊  Chairs ◊  Linens ◊  Bride’s Room ◊  Groom’s Room
◊  Full Kitchen ◊  Dual Refrigerator ◊  Freezer ◊  Ice Maker ◊  Dual Stove ◊  Dual Oven
◊  Flat Screen TV ◊  DVD Player ◊  Sound System ◊  Wireless Mic


  1. How many people can I accommodate?
  2. Is my date available?
  3. How long do we have the facility?
  4. What is included with the kitchen during my event?
  5. What is the required deposit to reserve my scheduled day?
  6. When can I set-up and when do I need to clean-up?
  7. What other policies (NO alcohol) & procedures do I need to know about?


Q: How many people can I accommodate?

A: Whether a small intimate dinner, or a large open house, The Utah Wedding Reception Center at Highland Gardens has plenty of space to accommodate your event.  When you book at Highland Gardens, you will have access to both the luncheon/ceremony room as well as our main reception hall with live indoor gardens.  There are several different layout arrangements to help cater whatever size of event you may need.  Click here for a PDF version of the Reception Center layout.  Click here for a PDF version of the Ceremony/Luncheon Room layout.  We will discuss a customized arrangement plan with you at your scheduled planning meeting.


Q: Is my date available?

A: Click here for our calendar of availability.


Q: How long do we have the facility?

A: Our all inclusive rate gives you access to the facility for the entirety of the day from 9am until 11pm.  Tables/linens/chairs will be set up and ready for use by 9am.  Dance the night away and don’t worry about the take down of the tables/linens/chairs.  We’ve got you covered.  If you have special catering or setup needs before the event, contact your hostess for additional details.


Q: What is included with the kitchen during my event?

A: Included in the cost, is our full commercial kitchen. Whether a formal dinner or a simple open house; the kitchen comes stocked with necessary cookware and some serving equipment.  Come in and see our stainless steel counters, large freezers and refrigerators, ice machine, commercial range/hood and dishwasher.  Our kitchen makes food preparation and serving quick and easy. There are no restrictions for catering, so feel free to bring in a caterer of your choice, or simply do it yourself. However, we do ask that if you use the kitchen, you plan for cleanup of this space.


Q: What is the deposit to reserve my day?

A: To secure your day, a $500 deposit is required.  The deposit is subtracted from the total balance, which is due 3 weeks before the scheduled event.  In the instance that you need to change your event date, there is a calendar of availability to see available days.  If the event is cancelled, the $500 deposit is non refundable unless your date is re-booked.


Q: When can I set-up and when do I need to clean-up?

A: Set-up is 9:00 am the day of the event and clean up is at 11:00 pm.  We are in charge of setting up and taking down the tables, chairs, and linens.  You are responsible for all food clean up.  This includes the kitchen, busing tables, etc.  At the end of the event, please take home everything that is yours and we will do the rest.


Q: NO alcohol of any kind on the property anywhere, please. NO wine, champagne, hard liquor, beer, wine coolers, etc.  NO open containers of any kind.

Rental time is 9:00 am to 11:59 p.m.

Noise ordinance per city code requires no loud music after 10:30 pm.

Due to the nature of our atrium facility we may experience minimal drips on rainy or snowy days.

On hot summer days we are able to cool to 75 degrees.