Winter Wedding colors

Often, the first thing a bride thinks about when planning her wedding is the colors of her wedding. Some brides like to stick to the traditional black and white wedding, while others dare to be different, unique and bold. Here are a few suggestions that offer just a glimpse of the color themes you might choose for your winter wedding.
White & Green:
Neutral colors for a winter wedding create a classic look that can also be combined with other colors.

Pink & Yellow:
One of the most popular flowers from last year’s winter weddings was the Marble Star poinsettias, which not only bloom in pink and yellow, but are also full, and add the perfect seasonal touch to a wedding.

Pink, Red & Purple:
Different shades of red evoke a regal wedding that’s stately and elegant any time of the year, even winter.

Red, Plum & White:
This combination of colors is a refreshing change, especially when combined with white and silver, which makes it perfect for tables and other surfaces.

Red & Green:
Who could forget this perfect combination of colors when Christmas is right around the corner? These colors could be carried through to practically anything in the wedding, but if you plan on using them on tables, candles would make a nice addition.

Pink & White:
This is a nice combination if you are looking for something very feminine and you want to get away from the traditional winter colors.

Pink & Red:
These are more traditional colors that can make a bold statement when used together, wherever you want to use them.

Ivory & Brown:
Ivory has been a traditional but formal color for weddings for years, regardless of the season, but combined with brown, and you have a naturally complimentary twist.

Green, White & Black:
If you want to tone down the feminine angle and include more of a masculine touch, this combination of colors is perfect for achieving that at your wedding.

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